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    Even LG employees use our service to unlock their phones
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    We can unlock any LG phone manufactured from 2007 to 2019
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    Our unlocking instructions are very simple and easy to follow
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    You will receive your unlock code within 10-30 mins after purchase
  • Cheapest price
    We offer the lowest price for official LG Sim Unlock codes
  • 100% Money back
    We guarantee 100% money back for non working codes


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WELCOME to the №1 Official LG Sim Unlocking Service in the world! We’re good, so good in fact that even LG employees use our service to unlock their LG phones! We can do this for all LG models and for all carriers anywhere in the world.

Don't waste your time and throw your money at other sim unlocking services. They’ll tell you they can unlock LG but WON’T get the job done. We get it done more reliably, more cheaply, and more quickly than the rest, guaranteed. We’ll unlock your LG and give you top-notch customer support. We know we’re good, and so do the 300 000 happy customers in 93 countries that have already bought our expertise.


Now, for technical reasons, some phones can’t be unlocked, and we don’t hide this fact. In very rare cases, fewer than 1% in fact, we are prevented from unlocking particular phones. If this issue affects you, we guarantee to return 100% of your money, no questions asked.


We’re working, day and night, to ensure you always have the best service. We promise total customer satisfaction!

  • What is a SIM unlock?
  • Why should I unlock my phone?
  • Can I unlock the phone myself?
  • How do I unlock my phone?
  • Is this unlock method safe?
  • Is this unlock method legal?
  • Are your services guaranteed?
  • What is the IMEI number?

  • What is a SIM unlock?
    A locked phone is one that can only be used with the original carrier that sold it. Sim unlocking lets you change carriers while still holding onto that same phone.
    Why should I unlock my phone?
    Because it frees you to use any carrier’s sim card, helping you avoid roaming fees when you travel and increasing your phone’s resale value.
    Can I unlock the phone myself?
    No. The special 8 digit sim unlock code which unlocks the phone has to be generated for you, but that’s something we can help you with in no time and with 100% success rate.
    How do I unlock my phone?
    You will need to find the model of your LG phone along with the name of the carrier that your phone is locked to. You’ll also need the IMEI number. Once you’ve got this information, just click the 'Order Now' button, fill in the fields on the secure order page and place your order.
    Is this unlock method safe?
    Yes, completely safe, legal and it will not harm your phone in any way.
    Is this unlock method legal?
    Yes. Phone unlocking is legal everywhere.

    Are your services guaranteed?
    Yes. We want you to be totally satisfied, which is why we offer you a 100% money back guarantee if unlock code does not work with your phone (less then 1% of orders in fact).

    What is the IMEI number?
    Every phone has a unique 14 or 15 digit number called the IMEI number. You can find this IMEI number underneath your phone's battery or by pressing *#06# on the dial-pad. You can also find the IMEI in Settings -> About phone in your phone’s menu. .
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    Successfully unlocked my LG V20. Great communication. Fast service. Thanks!
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    Safe, reliable, prompt service. Unlock code worked great. Thanks
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    It took 20 minutes to get LG G6 unlocked. Worked on the first try! Thank you.
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    Good seller, amazing price, safe transaction. Thanks for discount.